Soapmaking at Margaret Raymond Florist

Soapmaking Workshops

We absolutely love running workshops in our shop – it’s such an inspiring creative venue, and there’s loads of talented artisans locally who want to share their skills with the community.

This weekend, we hosted SOAPMAKING with an introduction to Cold Process Soap with Bean & Boy. The shop has never smelled this amazing!

Soapmaking at Margaret Raymond Florist

We measured, poured, mixed, melted and blended to create completely bespoke cold process soap, and then carefully crafted essential oil blends to complement them. After that, they were decorated using totally naturally botanicals and clays to create beautiful bars of soap that will be ready in 4 – 6 weeks.

This is a four-hour long class, suitable for all levels of soapmaking. You make 2 different soaps on the day – up to 1kg of soap to take home – and everything is provided, including all essential oils.

The next dates for this course are:

April 23rd 2 – 6 pm £58 (LINK HERE)

May 28th 2 – 6pm £58 (LINK HERE)

June 25th 2 – 6 pm £58 (LINK HERE)

You can book online, or in store with us – or of course, over the phone! We can also provide a digital voucher for emailing if it is a gift.

New courses will be released for the summer, including BEER SOAP AND BOOZE (making soaps with beer and then heading down to one of our neighbours on Hamlet Court Road for a pint in the pub), SOLVENTS IN SOAPMAKING (where you’ll experiment with different liquids in soapmaking to make milk soaps, alcohol soaps, and fruit soaps), and PICK ‘N MIX which is a fun class where you make mini soaps to swap and share with your classmates.

More information on the Bean and Boy website here: