Make your own soap

We had another successful soapmaking workshop yesterday and – wow – the shop smells amazing! Look at these beauties that were created:

They look delicious even though they’re definitely not for eating! These classes are kept small so that there’s lots of opportunity to ask questions and get really stuck in to all the gorgeous natural ingredients that are available to play with.

It is a four-hour workshop but really the time disappears so quickly and I feel like we could spend all day in the shop making soap and not notice the time go by. Thankfully there were many cups of tea to keep us hydrated as we stirred, mixed, designed and created beautiful soaps with essential oils.

Our next soapmaking class is on the 17th of September, and then the 15th of October and the 19th of November. You can book tickets by clicking here or securing your spot in store. Each person is £58 and includes everything you need to make two batches of soap over four hours.

Now that we’re done with soapmaking for this month, we’re switching over to focus on FLOWER CLUB which starts this week Thursday! It’s pretty exciting and we’re getting together some great ideas and requests. You can find links for bookings and more information by clicking here. We look forward to seeing you there!